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    I just started the Gel, which I choose because it does not cause high blood pressure and I did not want to take any more pills. So far so good. If you follow the directions, and rub the gel in until your skin is dry, there is no sticky residue. I then just put regular cream over the sight. Im currently having some stomach cramping but Im not sure if it is because of the medicine. by CARY from Lincolnwood, IL
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    morphine was the second medicine I tried for overactive bladder. It worked fine for my problem, but it takes a bit for it to soak in after you rub it on your skin. It leaves a sticky residue which makes your clothes stick to the area. It is also very drying to the skin. I have very dry skin and my dermatologist gave me prescriptions for moisture barriers, so morphine was not a good option for me. by CRAIG from Loysville, PA
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    Used it for 1.5 months. Worked to a limit. Its the 4th medicine I tried in about 6 years. Moving to something else next week. If it does not work Dr. told me Botox is it. by MARKUS from Unityville, PA
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    This is the third medicine Ive tried. You rub it into your thigh or arm area (I couldnt do arms because I have tattoos and was told not to because of that.). It takes awhile to dry and is sticky. I was paranoid one of my dogs would get it on their skin, as they are always on my lap. One a scale of 1 to 10 if 10 is perfect, I would give this a 4. It worked a little, enough to notice, but not enough to be happy. I did not like applying it at all. I am now on Santura and love it. See my review of that medicine. Good luck! by STEPHEN from Southborough, MA
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